The translations are largely far from perfect, but they’re only required to get the point across. I’d be grateful to anyone taking care to point any mistakes, of course.






Hálfdanar saga Eysteinssonar. That’s a little part of what’s to become my dissertation. It will be worked on, of course, but it’s already quite close to expressing my main idea. There’s some text and a table, which is supposed to be the foundation of the whole work.

It’s MS Word and Excel files, since my hosting doesn’t accept large html pages.

English Text (.doc)

English Table (.xls)

Russian Text (.doc)

Russian Table (.xls)





All of these have been published already, so don’t bother stealing (if you didn’t mean it, as you probably did, please excuse my lil’ paranoia). Only one was done in English, however, the rest I translated from Russian. Only MS Word files as well, sorry about that. By the way, most of them start with the same boring explanation of the basics, but this introduction is unavoidable, since the Fornaldarsögur aren’t exactly well-known in Russia, even to medievalists.


2006 – The Dual World of the Fornaldarsögur.

My best achievement, the paper I presented on the 13th Saga Conference in Durham & York. The one you’re most probable to be familiar with. There’s a one-page abstract, the paper itself and the text of my presentation, which is quite different from the printed stuff in some ways, with more emphasis on what and why am I actually trying to do. Also there’s a handout of rather elephantine proportions.

Paper (.doc)

Abstract [html]

Presentation (.doc)

Handout (.doc)


2005 – Folklore Elements in the Viking sagas: the Magic Helper.

As it turned out, the ideas of Propp can be applied to the Fornaldarsögur with quite a degree of success. The argumentation is debatable in places, but the main point still stands regardless of the need for corrections.

English (.doc)

Russian (.doc)



Thesis papers (much smaller than articles).

These files can be viewed online.


2006 – The Plot and the Space in Hrólfs saga Gautrekssonar. This thesis paper was done for the Pashutinskiye chteniya (Pashuto Readings) of 2006. The tripartite scheme doesn’t look so attractive to me now; in the paper for the saga conference I did an alternative version. But it’s all essentially just models built for practical purposes, so perhaps this idea is just another way of looking at things.




2005 – ‘Noble Heathen’ In The Fornaldarsögur (On The Material Of Hálfdanar saga Eysteinssonar). Another paper for the Pashutinskiye chteniya (Pashuto Readings), this time of 2005. It’s essentially an exploration of one curious idea of Lars Lönnroth.




2005 The Composition of Egils saga einhenda ok Ásmundar berserkjabana. That’s the only one I’ve yet to publish. The name says it all. Actually, the text itself could say it a bit more clearly, but well, what’s done is done (by now, at least).




2004 Fornaldarsögur: An Attempt Of Interpretation (Based On Örvar-Odds saga). That one was done for the Lomonosov young scholars conference of 2004. The ending paragraph is rather meandering, but other than the lack of a good summary it’s quite all right.




2004 – The Giants in the Viking Sagas: Dynamics of Perception. The name is rather larger than the paper, since the text is … and what requires ten pages is forced into one and a half. I still like the main idea, though, and besides, it was my first one, so I can’t help having a soft spot for it. :)




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