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I’m a PhD student working with the Fornaldarsögur Norðurlanda (that’s Scandinavian Studies, in case you not from the field). Here you can find stuff related to my studies - mostly English translations of articles and the like.


Me (in a couple of words).

I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia (although those living here know it’s an independent state, in fact). In 1999 I entered the Moscow State University (historical faculty), where I got my M.A. (well, the Russian equivalent) at the Department of Medieval Studies (in 2004). My supervisor was, and is, Mrs. Galina Glazyrina. My graduation paper was ‘Perception of Bearers of Supernatural Abilities in Medieval Iceland (Based on Material of Fornaldarsögur)’. I graduated magna cum laude, so that kinda makes me a smartass, yes…

Mrs. Glazyrina herself works at the Russian Academy of Sciences, so I switched there for postgraduate work. Currently I’m a PhD student at the State University of the Humanities at the Russian Academy of Sciences, to give the whole title (I also work as a political journalist, but that’s another story). I’m expected to present my thesis paper in autumn of 2007. I still got no name for it, but it will be about the ethics and the structure of the Fornaldarsögur. Actually, their ethics define their structure, but that’s what I’m writing about, so proceed to the stuff.




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